Hua Hin Information about Attractions in Hua Hin Thailand

Hua Hin Beach
Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Information about attractions and interesting places to go and see is not really difficult to get. Hua Hin is an elegant and romantic gateway holiday destination for Thai as well as an popular international vacation destination for westerners. Hua Hin has started to be a tourist destination about 100 years ago, when wealthy Thais and even the Royal Family members would spend their summers there. Hua Hin information follows here:

Hua Hin Today

Today, Hua Hin has many attractive summer palaces as well as lovely seaside villas and houses. For many foreigners Hua Hin is not only a tourist destination but also a potential retirement destination. Having a dream house in Hua Hin can make a very enjoyable way to spend your retirement years in an exotic and warm place.

Hua Hin Railway Station
Hua Hin Railway Station

Hua Hin is a beach village on the Gulf of Thailand, located only 200 kilometers south of Bangkok. Many people come in weekends from Bangkok to take a break in Hua Hin. The beach village attracts with its old town charm, best illustrated by historic landmarks such as the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace (Cha-am), the Floating Market, and the Hua Hin Railway Station.
In the early 1920s the King Rama VII enjoyed the resort as an ideal getaway from the metropolis. When the tranquil fishing village was turned into a Royal resort it also became popular among Siam’s upper class and nobility. The Klai Kangwon Palace build by the King Rama VII in 1928 has remained until today an official royal residence. Hua Hin’s popularity and accessibility was also ensured by the construction of a railway line from Bangkok.
The beach village continued to develop both as a fishing port and an aristocratic resort. The Railway Hotel, which is called today Centara Grand Hua Hin, was built in 1923 in the old Siam’s architectural style. The beach village has maintained its unique identity until today and many of Bangkok’s rich and famous have built their beachfront summer villas to the south and north, along the picturesque sandy bay.

Oldest Thai Resort

Buddhist Shrine
Buddhist Shrine

Hua Hin remains the most traditional and the oldest Thai resort. The place combines the fascination and charm of a still active fishing port with the attractions of a modern holiday destination. While most other Thai tourist destinations cater mainly to foreigners, Hua Hin is appreciated by Thais and foreigners alike. Besides a 5 mile long beach, the beach village also provides the highest density of world class golf courses in Thailand with fees and costs currently among the lowest in the world.


Today’s visitors can enjoy many attractions in Hua Hin, Thailand, while still sensing its old world charm and special atmosphere. Besides the long beach there are plenty of leisure activities from golf to watersports. The area around the beach village offers caves and waterfalls, peaks, and fabulous national parks. The evenings in Hua Hin offer plenty of entertainment and delicious sea food and Thai cuisine in the restaurants built on stilts into the sea. Hua Hin provides all the ingredients for an exotic and very special experience. There are numerous sightseeing opportunities in and around the town, temples and palaces, wats (temples), isolated beaches, waterfalls and caves, mountain vistas, mangrove swamps, and a variety of animal life.

One Of The Best Places To Retire

It’s no wonder why Hua Hin has been chosen as one of the best places to retire in the world, by Live and Invest Overseas. Among the strong points in favor of Hua Hin are its overall expat friendliness, the affordability of beach-front living, and the low cost of living in general. If you love sunshine and exotic landscapes, you can find your beach front dream house in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin, as Thailand’s oldest beach resort, has a wide range of beach activities and attractions such as kite surfing and jet skiing. The beach village also features several Buddhist temples, numerous world-class golf courses, numerous massage parlors and spas, outstanding restaurants, and bustling local markets. Among the historic attractions worth to visit are included the old Hua Hin Railway Station, the old Klai Kangwon Palace, as well as other historical buildings.

Cicada Market Khao Takiab
Cicada Market Khao Takiab

You can enjoy visiting the Hua Hin Animal Park, a zoo located around 10 kilometers north of the town, or the Hua Hin Cicada Market every Friday- Saturday- and Sunday-evening in Khao Takiab.
The place features good food, shopping and an artists’ market.

More Hua Hin Information

Overlooking Hin Lek Fai Mountain, the Artists’ Home or Baan Silapin, is set in a picturesque location. This gallery complex offers various art course and exhibits works from Thailand’s artists all year round.

Baan-Silapin Paintings

The art complex at Baan Silapin includes classrooms, art studios, an art gallery, and a mud house which displays sculptures and ceramic art. The art complex is a gathering place for local Thai artists, filled with liveliness and warmth. For visitors who appreciate art, a visit to Baan Silapin is a must. There are also many souvenirs for sale on-site, as well as paintings for sale. The single storey wooden structures are located among tropical foliage and trees. Paintings of various colours and styles decorate the interiors. You may even have a chance to watch resident artists meticulously fashion their brushstrokes into a beautiful artwork.

The Vic Hua Hin Art Complex is another place where you can enjoy Thai art. The place is located just a few kilometers south of the Khao Takiab flyover. The Vic Hua Hin Art Complex features workshops, performing arts, an air-conditioned theater, visual art exhibitions and film screenings.

Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village is located close to the King’s Palace, on the left hand side of Petchkasem Road. The Eco Village complex covers two floors and offers an exciting and interesting glimpse back into the past of Hua Hin beach village.

During the night, Hua Hin Night Market makes the most colorful spot in Hua Hin. The night market offers a wide array of memorable souvenirs, drinks, deserts, food products, and all kinds of freshly-prepared dishes. Among the most famous varieties are Hoi Thod, Pad Thai, Indian roti bread, fresh seafood, coconut ice cream, and many others. For foreigners the night market will offer an opportunity to delight and savor the real taste of Hua Hin.

king and queen
Portraits of King & Queen

Klai Kangwon Palace is among the most important landmarks in Hua Hin. The palace was built in the year 1929 in Spanish style architecture. Todays the building is the permanent residence of the Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) and it is accessible only by special invitation.

Maruekhathayawan Palace (Cha-am) is the most attractive and the oldest Royal palaces in Thailand. It was built in 1923 and it remains a summer seaside palace in a naturally serene atmosphere.

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